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We are the best sump tank cleaning and water tank cleaning service in Bangalore


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Ekadantha sump tank cleaning has been established by a team of professionals who have 10 years of experience in this field who have handled hundreds of projects and has seen the industry from cleaning the sumps manually to the Mechanized versions which are used by Ekadantha now to get a completely cleaned Tanks by which safe water can be stored for consumption.

For sump cleaning we use Johnson diversy water based chemical for better cleaning and for the overhead tank cleaning we use potassium permanganate .
We use pressure cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners. Check out our HOME page for more details.

Ekadantha is very committed to their customers and regards customer satisfaction as one of the most important factors for repeat business .
Ekadantha sump cleaning adheres to highest standards of sanitation and takes care of its Employees as well who are the important cogs of the wheel.
Ekadantha serves all over Bangalore and requests customers to schedule their appointments with the customer Response team well in advance so that Ekadantha comes prepared for the task.
The tank may have impurities and also animals and reptiles like Rats, Snakes , Lizards easily die in the sump tanks and owners are not aware. Ekadantha advises its customers to clean their tanks every 3 months and gives a discount for a yearly maintenance contract.


What We Do

We are the best professional sump tank cleaning services in Bangalore. We are known for our professional and thorough services throughout Bangalore. What we offer

  • Affordable sump tank cleaning service in Bangalore
  • Budget overhead tank cleaning service in Bangalore.
  • Best sump cleaning service in Bangalore.
  • Top sump cleaning service in Bangalore
  • Quality overhead tank cleaning service in Bangalore

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